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Website Pendeteksi Umur Dari How-Old.net Lagi Ngetren

Website Pendeteksi Umur Dari How-Old.net Lagi Ngetren

Age Detection Website From How-Old.net is Trending
If you ask what application is  happening  right now? surely many have answered an application called How-Old.net.

Yes, how not, this fun application can recognize a person’s age only through the intermediary of a photo or face. This new application from Microsoft is attracting the attention of many netizens today.

Anyone can try it just by visiting  the website  and testing Microsoft’s technological capabilities in guessing age. This site works with the help of several applications and advanced data that can recognize faces and display age according to application detection.

The app then works by studying the data we upload, developing it, and the more accurate the results the more people access it.

Although not 100 percent accurate, both from age and gender. However, the results displayed on this website can be said to be close to perfect. Using How-Old.net is very easy, all you have to do is enter your own photos or photos of several people on the   how-old.net site,  before long this application will automatically predict their age and gender one by one. Then, soon the application will display the results. Cool!

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